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Experts in Website Design & Development based in Milton Keynes.

Web Design Milton Keynes Responsive Websites that will work on any device!
Milton Keynes Web Design Agency
Creative WordPress Web Design

Web Design Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes Web Design Agency
Creative Web Design

We are a Milton Keynes web design agency, creating bespoke & interactive websites for growing & established businesses and enterprises.

We get to know you and your target audience. Our collaborative, design process considers your design, branding, SEO optimisation, interactivity and UI/UX to deliver industry-leading websites.

Using the latest website frameworks, our websites deliver high performance immersive digital experiences that exceed our client’s expectations with competitive advantage and value for money.

Web Design Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes Web Design Agency
Creative Web Design

We’re an established, experienced, and trusted Milton Keynes based business with over 10 years of experience in providing successful web design projects.

We work closely with Google to deliver effective digital marketing insights.

We offer skilled UI/UX design, knowledgeable & creative development, informed digital marketing with dynamic project management.

Our websites are Optimised

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Mobile Optimised

Every website we develop works seamlessly on mobile & tablets, ensuring excellent mobile performance utilising responsive web design via CSS/JS technology. This establishes an optimal viewing experience across all devices, fully engaging both your desktop & mobile customers.

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SEO Optimised

As part of our website development process, our London based SEO team will perform onsite optimisation to ensure that your website is ranking for the right keywords, and employ best practices for user experience – positioning your site to generate enquiries and sales. Post-launch, we also offer a bespoke SEO strategy so you know what steps to take next.

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WordPress CMS

We are a WordPress CMS web specialist, which allows us to adapt and customize a powerful and future proof open source CMS to suit your needs. We make use of visual editors to create the content of the website’s we develop, which allows our clients to easily manage and update their website once delivered.

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We offer industry-leading, secure, enterprise standard e-commerce systems as part of our website development. We can adapt e-commerce systems, including Magento and WooCommerce, to work seamlessly with your business model, whether it be drop shipping, virtual products, or international sales.

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Immersive Effects

Our London based web development team code interactive elements into your website, to engage and inspire your visitors. Our web design team utilise cutting edge technologies including jQuery, Canvas, and Webgl to deliver an engaging immersive website experience.

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The security of your website and its data is a key consideration of our website development process. As such we take steps to ensure that your website and its data is kept secure from bots, hackers and virus/malware attempts, including reCAPTCHA v3, antivirus & firewall technology and limited use of third-party software.

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Social Media

Our web design team will build your social media accounts into your website using API coding to feature the most up to date information & to allow sharing of social updates with ease. Our social media integration allows you to gain followers & direct traffic to your website.

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Custom Development

All our websites are custom coded on a lightweight framework that has been coded by our experienced London web design team to current 2021 web design and SEO standards, making it highly scalable, agile, and easy to adapt. This ensures no excessive bulkiness or code bloat – resulting in faster website loading times.

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We understand that meeting the new GDPR requirements can seem overwhelming. All our websites include a GDPR compliancy review, in which our expert web design team will carry out tasks based on what we recommend in order to ensure GDPR compliance of your website & its data processing.

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Website Maintenance

Do you need help with your current WordPress website? Maybe something is broken that you need help with. We offer flexible WordPress maintenance services that can include hosting, content changes, software updates & backups.

WordPress Training

If you have time, we can offer WordPress & eCommerce training – to enable you to add and edit the content of your website yourself.


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